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All the stuff I have for you guys to look at. Most of the time I say I'll continue something and don't, but feel free to read the first couple of chapters! Comments might just give me the incentive to continue on with something...


Generally you can tell what I'm addicted to at any given moment by what's in here....


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So I just wanted to write this out of frustration more than anything. That's your warning if you want to keep reading XD

So I've been encountering quite a bit anti-feminism lately and it confuses  me. Some people obviously have the wrong impression of what feminism is and therefore it skews their opinion. Let me reiterate this. Feminism is not about hatred towards men or ensuring women are treated better than men. Anyone who tells you otherwise is no true feminist . That being said there are people who will say "Wait, women have equality though so feminism is no longer valid". And while I agree that women have made leaps and bounds towards equality we are still far from true equality. Which isn't to say that men have equality either. There are social constraints placed on men as well. But if you don't believe me, if you think that women are viewed as equal I would challenge you to watch this video ->… . Some people may say "But wait the media changes so rapidly how can you point to it?" There are still trends in media, trends in newscasts and the way that things such as rape are portrayed on a daily basis. Victim blaming still happens. I should be able to walk down the street naked and drunk without getting raped or accused of asking to be raped. Anything else is simply not fair. Feminism is not about hatred, feminism is not about bettering only women. Like I said, there are issues that need to be addressed with men as well such as the idea that men can't get raped or the expectations on their bodies. But that does not render feminism obsolete or invalid.

So, please. The next time you have something negative to say about feminism just do me a favor? Stop and think. Yes there are bad feminists but don't let them ruin it for the rest of us. We are intelligent individuals, not all of us are even women. We are capable of rational thought and discussions that don't involve needless cursing. Feminism is still incredibly needed in today's world. Without it there is no hope that women will ever be truly equal.


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I try to be polite but having Irish blood I tend to throw that out the window when I get angry. I love writing and painting and I'm totally open to new experiences!


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